Guided Engineering Academic Review Sessions (GEARS)

GEARS are student-led drop-in sessions to help Year 1 students transition from high school into the Engineering Science program. 

GEARS helps you integrate learning strategies with the content you need to learn to solve problems. Upper-year students help you develop key academic skills and answer questions related to your courses, the Engineering Science program, and opportunities within the Faculty and the university at large.

Despite what its name suggests, GEARS isn’t just for academics. This is a place where you can get to ask upper years anything. EngSci tips? Major advice? Just ask! This is also a place for you to hang out and get to know your peers. (Personal take: try it out! We’ve had best friends who first met in GEARS)

The GEARS schedule for the Fall/Winter Sessions will be posted on the EngSci Info Hub, our online hub for key program information. You will get access to the Info Hub at the beginning of the semester. You can also ask Irma any questions about GEARS!

Note: The Core 8 has its own version of GEARS, but the one you’ll see advertised in the EngSci Info Hub is specifically for EngScis.