Meetup Schedule

EngSci Summer Meetups will consist of icebreakers, games, activities, and Q&A panels. These meetups aim to help you meet as many of your EngSci classmates as possible over the summer!  

Meetup 1 (Online): Introduction to Summer Orientation Program & EngSci!
June 29, 10am - 12pm EDT
Meetup 2 (In Person): Introduction to U of T and Campus Tour
July 5, 2pm - 4pm EDT
Meetup 3 (Online): First-Year Course Introductions + Q&A
July 13, 10am - 12pm EDT
Meetup 4 (In Person): Engineering Design Challenge
July 20, 2pm - 4pm EDT
Meetup 5 (Online): Jeopardy and Trivial
July 27, 10am - 12pm EDT
Meetup 6 (In Person): EngSci Panel Discussion & Fireside Chats
August 2, 2pm - 4pm EDT
Meetup 7 (Online): Student Life and Scavenger Hunt Tournament!
August 10, 10am - 12pm EDT
Meetup 8 (In Person): Club Fair
August 18, 3pm - 5pm EDT
Meetup 9 (Online): Transition to University & Hangout with Us!
August 24, 10am - 12pm EDT
Meetup 10 (In Person): Campus Tour (pt. 2 - Student Life) & Hangout with Us!
August 30, 2pm - 4pm EDT

Each meetup will have a theme, indicated in the table above. For example, the theme of Meetup 1B will be “Campus Tour.”  

Every meetup will run at two different times* depending on if the meetup is in-person or online. The online meetups all have odd meetup numbers and will run 10pm – 12am EDT every other Thursday, starting on June 29, 2023. The in-person meetups have even meetup numbers and will run 2pm – 4pm EDT every other Wednesday, starting on July 5, 2023. Please note that there may be exceptions to these dates and times.

For more information on a specific session, click the corresponding time in the table. You can also find the descriptions for each session in the Calendar.

The structure and content of the in-person and online meetups will vary but cover similar themes. Our hope is that students in different time zones or with varying schedules will be able to join the online session and those who are available and reside in Toronto or the GTA will be able to attend the in-person meetups.

Online meetups will be conducted over Zoom. If you are subscribed to our EngSci Orientation Newsletter, you will receive a registration form for each session a week in advance. In person meetups will happen at varying locations depending on the meetup, refer to the EngSci Newsletter for exact locations.

If you have yet to subscribe to the newsletter, it’s not too late! Complete the newsletter sign-up form now.  

*These times are subject to change throughout the summer depending on student feedback. 

In-person meetups will be held in the EngSci Common Room, seen below. The Common Room has been recently renovated!  

Photograph of the (pre-renovation) EngSci common room
Photograph of the (post-renovation) EngSci common room

Left: Photograph of the EngSci common room pre-renovation; Right: Photograph of the EngSci common room post-renovation