Bahen Centre for Information Technology – BA

Find the Bahen Centre for Information Technology (BA) on a map of U of T – St. George.

Welcome to the Bahen Centre for Information Technology (a.k.a. “Bahen” or “BA”), home of everything Engineering Science! This  is where you will likely spend the most time.  

Bahen (pronounced BAY-un or BAY-hun) is home to the most helpful resources for EngSci students. It is located across the street from the Galbraith Building. The most important things you’ll find in Bahen are the Engineering Science Office and the EngSci Common Room (more later), both on the second floor. The Common Room has the best study spaces, if you want to be around lots of other students; otherwise, there are some great study areas in front of a window overlooking Galbraith on the third floor.  

Added bonus: Bahen is connected to a Second Cup and the U of T Books Store via indoor hallways, which means that you can get coffee, snacks, or school supplies between classes without going outside! A real pro also knows that the Computer Science Student Union Office (on the second floor) sells cheap snacks and beverages. There are also many food trucks right outside the building which have delicious on-the-go meals! Because you will have many of your classes in Bahen, it’s good to know where you can grab some food for lunch or snack break. 

Bahen also has many lecture halls on the first floor (ground floor) that are commonly used for first- and second-year EngSci courses. It also has lots of tutorial rooms with nice rolling chairs and whiteboards on the second floor. The lecture halls in Bahen are used to host many EngSci events, including your first-day orientation to EngSci and the yearly ESEC conference