Congratulations on Choosing Engineering Science!

Welcome to the Engineering Science Orientation Blog.

This site will act as your personal guide and introduction to the Engineering Science program. 

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If you haven’t already, you can join the EngSci 2T4 Facebook group. Here you can get notified about Skule and EngSci events and information, as well as meet your future-classmates.


You can also join the Engineering 2T4 Facebook Group, which is for all incoming UofT Engineers.


You can also join the EngSci 2T4 Discord, which is a great place to meet and chat with your future classmates about EngSci, U of T, or life in general.



The goal of the Engineering Science Orientation Blog is to be a guide for incoming first year students in the Engineering Science program. We update the blog and other parts of the website regularly. If you have any questions regarding the website and the program or feedback, feel free to comment on a post or contact us.

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