About the Orientation Program

Welcome Aboard, Class of 2T8!

We are so excited to have you join us on the EngSci journey. It all starts here, with our Summer Orientation Program. Buckle up as we venture through meetups, the EngSci blog, weekly newsletters, and Sci Socials, and more. This is the very beginning of the program and by the end of the summer, we hope that you have a better idea of what EngSci is all about and are better prepared for your transition to university. So, join us onboard the EngSci Shuttle as we make our way through the Kuiper and Asteroid belts of the EngSci Orientation Program. Blast off!! 🚀 

Below, you’ll find descriptions of each part of the orientation to help you find everything you’re interested in reading about! 

Navigating the Blog

The EngSci blog is your one-stop-shop for all things related to summer orientation and first-year EngSci! New posts will be uploaded every week. 


The About section sets the scene for the summer orientation program. It contains descriptions of different initiatives, meetup times, and quick intros of us, the blog authors. 

EngSci Experience

Want to know what it’s like to be in EngSci? Want to learn more about all the cool things you can achieve in this program? What about the EngSci culture?  

The EngSci Experience section provides an overview of what you can expect in EngSci and some unique opportunities for you to look forward to. Watch exclusive EngSci interviews with current students and alumni, learn about awesome EngSci-specific clubs, and let us dispel some EngSci myths for you. 


Learn about all the courses you will take from those who’ve taken it before you!   

The Academics section gives you tips for how to prepare for your first year, read about course descriptions and what a typical week looks like in that course, and gain insights into the major options you can pick after second year. Curious about who your professors might be? This section also features professor interviews so you can get to know them before you start! 

Research and Careers

The Research and Careers section covers all things related to networking, research, or work experiences that you can get involved in. Learn all about ESEC (EngSci’s highly anticipated annual conference just for EngSci students) or ways to get involved in research or how to land your dream job. Also learn about professionalism and etiquette when emailing professors or working on group projects.   


The Extracurriculars section gives you a peek into what it’s like to be in U of T Engineering and the many ways you can get involved. Interested in joining some design teams and clubs? Go check out this section to learn more about all the fantastic groups you can join as a U of T Engineering student, the rich history of Skule, and all its traditions. 

Student Life

Got questions about what it’s like to live in residence or commute? Want to know more about where your classes will take place or where to eat on campus?  

The Student Life section has all things related to U of T’s St George Campus. You’ll find descriptions of buildings you’ll use for classes, athletics centres and facilities, labs, study spaces, and more. You’ll discover fun things to do in Toronto and read about U of T’s famous food trucks. This section also provides insight to navigate residence life and commuting tips to help you get the best experience possible! 

Important Resources

The Important Resources section highlights a wide variety of supports and resources available to you at U of T. It covers everything from accessibility resources to mental health and wellness supports to online learning platforms. These (along with a healthy amount of your favourite educational YouTube channels!) will help guide you through university. 

Learn More

The Learn More section includes a glossary that explains common abbreviations and vocabulary used by U of T Engineering students and a detailed frequently asked questions (FAQs) page that addresses questions commonly asked by previous first-year students. Finally, resources to learn more about U of T Engineering, Engineering Science and all things Engineering are linked in the Further Help page. 


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Meet your classmates, hear from upper-year EngScis, and learn more about U of T Engineering! We will be holding a mixture of virtual and in-person meetings every week starting June 19, 2024. These will include icebreakers, design challenges, games, helpful information sessions, Q&As, and a lot more! These meetups are an excellent way to meet as many of your EngSci classmates as possible over the summer and be more prepared for your first year and beyond. 

In-person meetups will be held on campus at various locations; virtual meetups will be held on Zoom. We will send out the links to the virtual meetups through the EngSci Orientation Newsletter, so make sure you’re subscribed! Dates and times for both in person and virtual meetups are posted in the Meetup Schedule.

Sci Socials

Do you have burning questions about EngSci that you’d like to ask in a smaller group setting? Or maybe you just want to hang out with us, Eshan and Farzin? If so, come to our Sci Socials!  

These Sci Socials will be short 1-on-1 or small group meetings where we’ll answer your questions, share our experiences, and help you feel ready to start your first year. You can book a 1-on-1 or group sessions via Calendly. To get the links to book Sci Socials, make sure you sign up for the EngSci Orientation Newsletter. 

As always, feel free to email us at engsci.blog@utoronto.ca with any additional questions or if you want to chat!