Engineering Computing Facility

Computing Services

The Engineering Computing Facility, also known as ECF, provides computing services to students. It has four Windows labs and three Linux labs totaling 368 workstations. You can find ECF labs in Galbraith, Sandford Fleming, and Wallberg.

All engineering undergraduate students can access these computer labs, which are open 24/7. You can also access them remotely from your own computer (e.g., if you want to use their software or files without downloading it yourself). This will be very useful in your ESC190 Computer Algorithms and Data Structures course in the second semester of first year as you may need to use external debugging tools.

You will receive an email with information about setting up your ECF account closer to the fall.

ECF Printing

All engineering students can print a limited number of pages for free at ECF printers. For a first year EngSci courseload, you have 900 pages of black-and-white printing quota per term, with a 25% discount for double-sided printing, i.e. 1200 pages. Colour printing costs twice as much. Keep this in mind in case you need to print CIV102 notes, the MAT185 course notes or any other large documents.

Lab Rules and Etiquette

ECF resources are meant for academic purposes only. For more information, read the ECF Account and Lab Rules and Regulations for Students.

Personal Take

One of the blog admins spends way too much time in ECF labs. They do have comfy office chairs, big screens, and there is always an available computer. These are nice places to study, research, and work on your personal projects!